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Monday, July 25, 2011

What makes someone a “New-Ager”?

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1) they deny negativity (and become very bitchy, once you try to show how ludicrous and unrealistic it is)
2) they deny their ego (while it in fact blows out of proportion, really)
3) they have the ideal that everybody is part of this wonderful global family, without differences to fight about.
4) their language consists of empty word shells and references of quantum science, medicine, and occultism, while rejecting that rationality may be of any real value.
5) they believe in the Gaia-theory (although never having actually read James Lovelock, as their mis-interpretations reveal)
6) they are against progress, while expecting an evolutionary leap of consciousness.
7) most typically, they believe that “all of the sudden” a new age will dawn, and everything will be better and beautiful (not gradual, but sudden!)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday’s sun storm

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As you can see in the updated chart, the severity of the sun storm was mild, with only a planetary A index of 17 – which is far from 30. This wave has not passed earth like the one on the 14th/15th, but we also didn’t get hit hard. The potential, however, and the probability even was certainly there.

It will be interesting to see, if there is another “spike” coming so early in the beginning of this sun cycle peak (~4 years).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warning: new sun storm wave coming today – Saturday/Sunday

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It’s gone up to 100 sunspots per day again after the spike a few days ago (look at the chart – red curve – all the way to the right). So there is another wave coming towards us…

You can also see the blue line – the planetary A index – is rising. It’s basically uncritical as long it stays below 30. Keep your attention on this blue line development as well.

According to there is a 60 to 100% chance that a M and X class flares hit earth. Please not that these flares are much faster than the normal. They hit earth within 24 hours. So, it is expected that the wave hits today/tomorrow. You can see that the blue line already rises.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Karma and the Three Stages of Evolution

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It seems, in  most simple terms, there are basically three stages of the evolution of the soul, as far as the concept of karma is concerned. The first stage or the first third of the learning curve is unintelligent, one makes many mistakes and has many different experiences – good and bad. Behavior is basically instinctual, impulsive. This is not karma at work, but just nature.

The second stage is a mixture of karma and free will. The term “karma” comes from the root word kri=doing. Doing is what creates new circumstances, so in this regard the effects of us being the cause is simply delayed and not immediate. The decisions are usually within the boundaries of our ability to see all the options – which is increased as we gain experience on this second part of the learning curve. The life choices of ours are usually chosen by us too, or at least we have agreed to take a body from certain parents etc. Much is a given, once the life-choice is done. But some things aren’t. If you think about it, we don’t really make many decision, at least not many big ones.

The third stage is free will, as the more one learns, the more immediate become the effects of one’s doing (or the less delayed respectively). The third phase is very balanced in the way that we really weigh our options carefully before making decisions. When we are there, we usually do not have to come to earth anymore for the learning. We are then advanced enough to get out of this charade, called earth.

The Indian philosophy works a lot with three qualities, tamas (inertia), rajas (hyperactivity), and sattva (balanced activity). The stage of soul evolution could be roughly described by these three qualities, depending on which dominates. I believe these terms fit fairly well with the three learning-curve stages:
1) tamas or inertia when our actions are “driven” by our instincts and needs;
2) rajas or hyperactivity when our multitasking and never-ending actions are fueled by our myriad desires and high expectations;
3) sattva or balance when our actions are guided by seeing what is meaningful, and what is irrelevant.

I believe we are collectively making the transition from 2) to 3), from greed and the crazy ways to the meaningful ways.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seismic activity doubled in recent years

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When looking into the seismic activities statistics from the USGS (, something very odd struck my eye, when I represented the raw data in bar-graphs.

When you compare the graphs, you can’t help notice that the seismic activity within the US has substantially increase in 2009/2010 (compared to the 8 years before). Non-US data is inconsistent, insofar that from 2009 on an undefined amount of low-magnitude-data is excluded – underrepresented in the data. Extrapolation of recent global raw-data indicates that the amount of quakes also has about doubled in recent years.

Remember that these statistics should factor in the small seismic activity, that may possibly be comparable to underground explosions. On the page is explained that about 50 mining explosions per business day are occurring, but they are not reflected in the data. This indicates that the data is already filtered as for some amount of explosions, though maybe not all.

In summary: the overall amount of earthquakes has doubled in recent years.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Reasons why Solar Activity is Critical

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There are three primary reasons, why the solar activity is critical to a functioning, modern society. In brief:

a) we know the solar cycle will peak around 2012-2013 and cause moderate to severe solar winds on earth (maybe even earlier).

b) we are more dependent on working satellites and the electric grid, as well as on long-way logistics, communication, and electronics in general.

c) the earth’s protective magnetic field / magnetosphere has weakened substantially over the last few years, which renders us more vulnerable to the sun’s ordinary peak activity.

These three reasons alone are known facts or likelihoods. There is not much speculation that, as in 1989, large portions of the electric grid is likely to break down. Also, satellites will be impacted.

It might be a good idea to prepare for a disruption of logistics (food), electricity (house/heating), and communication (cell-phones, navigation-systems etc.). Normal processes might fail for several weeks, maybe only days in the best case, or months in the worst case.

Needless to say that “cash is king” when ATMs won’t work.

With food-prices rising it is good to stock up weeks or months worth of non-perishable foods anyway, for the savings sake alone, and for other reasons worth writing another article…

Take it easy – Aikya

Friday, January 7, 2011

Monitoring Solar Activity

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Many people seem to have a concern about the solar activity. What did Mrs. Curie say: Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.  To begin with, the sun is already burning like hell. What can possibly make it burn worse? Think about it.

It is true that the sun is varying in energy output. This even is cyclical. If you check out the historical data, e.g. on, you can see the peaks over the last few hundred years. I did the math and calculated that we have a peak every 10,63 years (average). And the peak itself lasts several years. The next peak is beginning now and will probably reach it’s maximum in 2013. But it is nothing extraordinary.

You can see a nice chart on the homepage of that website. You can use this to monitor sun-activity on a daily basis. The red line represents actual sun spots (~ flares) which are counted every day. So this number is very important as a measure of how bad it can get. If you go into the records you can find out that electronic and power outages already occurred before (90s). It is nothing new. The difference is that we are more dependent on electronic communication today. But the intensity changes are actually nothing extraordinary. So please keep these two factors apart. We made ourselves more vulnerable by depending on electronics. That is the real reason people should be prepared.

I do not believe the sun will increase output well above the historical peaks. ~ 170 to 200 sunspots a day are the maximum spike. A spike is very likely to happen (like every cycle), so the preparation for the possibility of communication and electronic outages is mandatory. That is not in question. But I have yet to come to a catastrophe-claim that holds up to it’s promises. Every time I check sources – you guessed it – I find nothing of substance: a) We are many thousands of years away from passing through the galactic plane. b) The procession of the equinox (wobble of the earth axis) also has nothing to do with the sun-activity. So keep calm. The fact that 2012-2013 is going to be intense is to be expected by normal prognosis already. Don’t be surprised if superstitious people get overly jumpy when we actually get a solar storm.

I expect 2011 to have moderate sun-storms only. But just because there are e.g. 10 sunspots doesn’t mean that all energy will reach earth. First of all, the sun radiates into all direction (because the spots are all over the spherical surface). There is only a small chance that a flare shoots at the earth. The actual energy hitting earth you can monitor in the same chart as the blue line, labeled “Planetary A index“. The planetary A index correlates with the red line in the way that if there is a red peak, there MIGHT follow a blue peak, or there might not. The higher the red peak is, the greater the probability for correlation. The correlation becomes clear when the read line goes WAY up.

But forget the red line for a moment. It can be a distraction. Just look at the blue line. The index all the way to the right is today’s index. Monitor these two indices – red and blue, if anything. At the moment the planetary A index is basically zero, even if the red is not. Notice the lag of ~5 days. If the blue index stays below 30, all is fine. No need to worry. If it ranges between 30 and 50, that indicates a moderate solar storm. Beyond 50 is considered severe. It might go up to 100. But that would be extreme. In my opinion, we do not need to monitor the red line at all, unless the blue line climbs over 30.

Should you see a spike, also remember that the radiation needs about 5 days to reach earth (more or less depending on the type of radiation). So, if you monitor these two lines every day, you have a warning window of about 4 days. Enough time to go shopping, unplug the computer, call in sick and prepare the candles. But just in case, don’t have to have go shopping. Be prepared regardless.

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